Look Who’s Talking

I love talking about movies. I love talking about television and books, story and plot, character development, costumes, music, world-building, acting, sound, cinematography, verisimilitude, target audiences, reception, animation, actors, and everything else having to do with movies, entertainment and media. The absolute best part of going to film school for me was being a part of a community that loved the same things. Academia and nerdiness aside (two other things I love), being in an environment where others wanted to discuss and debate about movies was heaven.

Now that I’m back in the real world, however, I often find myself embarrassed when I ramble on to deaf ears because I’m deconstructing a movie rather than expressing whether I liked it, which is how I think most people talk about movies. But I like engaging with them, picking them apart, and lingering in the moments that I don’t understand, frustrate me, or make me all gooey on the inside.

So, what can I do? Start a blog with one of my good friends from film school, of course! Elyse and I have so many things in common when it comes to movies but we nearly always come at those things from a different perspective. Thus, when we agree, we agree steadfastly and assuredly but often for different reasons, and when we disagree, our conversations are explosive and enlightening. If you’re here solely for Elyse, I completely understand. She’s whip-smart, witty, hilarious and knowledgeable on more topics than should really be allowed. She navigates pop culture like it makes waves for her and not the other way around. Plus, she knows how to tackle real issues and make time for the fun of it. (Truthfully, I’m really only here for her stuff, too. Feel free to ignore my inarticulate messes for her well-spoken, well-argued pieces of art. No offense taken here.)

This blog is exactly what the title says: Elyse and I are going to talk about movies (and various other forms of media). Simple. Easy. Honest. And hopefully the conversation won’t end with just the two of us.

(You can read Elyse’s introduction post here.)

Look Who’s Talking

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